Speak Out


Here are a few testimonials from young people in Towcester who used and appreciated the Youth Coffee House and who now want to give back their time in return as we take the Coffee House to the next level.

“It was a place to go where I could meet other teenagers to build a group of friends. I came from a small village with no other children so by coming to the Coffee Shop I made new friends which helped me to interact at school. The Coffee Shop kept me from hanging around the shops and parks late at night with other teenagers which stopped me being involved with trouble in the area. It was a safe and friendly place where you were made to feel like an adult. You were responsible for yourself and your actions. You had to learn to behave and work to the rules that were made for the Coffee Shop and the safety of others. You were taught how to treat others and they gave you responsibility such as marking people in and out of the Coffee Shop and helping out in the tuck shop. This made me feel important which in turn helped me build up my confidence. I feel that without the coffee shop as a place to go that I could of got involved with the wrong crowds due to being an easy influenced teenager. By being involved with the coffee house I feel it has helped me be who I am today. I had a lot of family problems and it was nice to get away and interact out of school with other teenagers from different backgrounds and to talk openly to them that also had family problems. I really appreciated all the work the team did there as they were easy to talk to, more as a friend than as a parent figure. They were laid back and relaxed and always on hand to give advice.
This place is a great place for the youths of today and I think it is an asset to the area that we really need to get open to the public again.”

Jess King

“I loved the Coffee Shop, the people there were always there to help and if you had an issue you knew you could trust them. It helped the youth of Towcester to have something else to do rather than just sit at the rec or the wooden park underage drinking constantly. It was a safe place to be and I always had so much fun there! My older sister also went there when she was young and I know a lot of my friends older siblings went there too. The Coffee Shop is part of Towcester, when it shut down it was so sad, there wasn’t anywhere for the youth to go (as Vision charge and only certain age groups are allowed on certain days). If I can help at all with the fundraising I will be happy to help! I’d love to be a part of bringing it back.”

Roseanna Annabella Madero

“I seriously appreciated the Coffee Shop growing up. My parents also seriously appreciated the Coffee Shop too. I went on a moonwalk which was so much fun and made so many more friends. We played pool every Tuesday and Thursday, drunk tea and had a tuck shop. Everyone was so friendly and I really do think that the reason I never went down the road of getting stoned and taking drugs everyday was because I wasn’t bored and had somewhere to go. I think a lot of people in my group were very thankful for this place. And as a mother I really hope there is a place where my kids can feel free to enjoy their youth for as long as they can without feeling they need to grow up too quickly. Could I just add that when the Coffee Shop opens I would be happy to volunteer.”

Gemma Withey, Coffee Shop user from age 11-15