Our Team

Charlie Fagan – Chairman


I have lived in Towcester the majority of my life moving here just a couple of weeks before my second birthday. I went to school and grew up locally attending various clubs such as Brownies, Scouts and St Johns Cadets. However the one place I remember most fondly is the Coffee Shop for all the support it offered with no costs to myself and my family.

Due to the support the Coffee Shop offered me I wanted to give something back because of this I have been a trustee for three years and am in my second term as the Chairman of the Charity.

I have always worked in Customer Services which I believe has given me the skills to communicate well with others and I have the passion to Chair this charity on top of the commitments of a full time Job.


Pauline Bain – Vice Chairman

Pauline has lived in Towcester with her husband and three children for over 18 years. Her children have all attended primary and secondary schools in Towcester and have been involved in various groups within the town.

Pauline has worked within the education sector for most of her career and has experience of Work based learning including Apprenticeships and Traineeships. She has contract management and funding experience and hopes to be able to help the Coffee House in building support both now and for the future.


Dee Fagan – Secretary

dee-faganI moved to Towcester about 20 years ago with my late husband and two children, Alex and Charlie. The children have both attended primary and secondary schools in Towcester and have been members of various clubs that the town offers including Scouts and St Johns Ambulance as well as The Coffee Shop.

My late husband was a volunteer leader at The Coffee Shop for about six years and I became a trustee and the charity Secretary about four years ago. I have, therefore, been involved with the charity (either directly or indirectly) for about ten years.

I currently work full time as PA to the Chairman and the Leader of South Northants Council. My work as a PA means that I am used to organising events, myself and others. It has also enabled me to develop my communication skills which come in particularly handy when cajoling donations of time, skills or money out of people to support our fundraising!


Gail Cheeseman – Treasurer

gail-cheesemanI moved to Towcester in 1996 with my husband and two children, Scott and Callum. My children have both attended primary and secondary schools in Towcester. Scott has run Youth Clubs etc in Towcester.

I became the Treasurer of The Coffee Shop in 2013.

I currently work part time in a Charity in Towcester, the PSP Association. My work as a Community and Events Fundraiser means that I am used to organising events, myself and others. It has also enabled me to develop income streams for The Coffee Shop.


Chrissy Iliff – Head Co-Ordinator

I started going to TYCH when I was 13 as it was somewhere friendly that I could meet up with my friends and be treated like an individual rather than just another teen. The fact that it was free, warm and dry was an added bonus!

At 17 I became a Volunteer Co-ordinator, responsible for opening the doors for TYCH members. One of the things I love most about being a volunteer is seeing younger versions of me, feeling the same love and passion for TYCH that I did – and still do.

I am now the Head Co-Ordinator and Trustee for the TYCH. I have now been in this position for 10 years and this is still one of the biggest honours I have had. I want to ensure there will always be a place in Towcester where the town’s youth will feel valued, inspired and a part of their community.


Kerry Sheppard – Trustee

I have lived in Towcester since 1997, moving here just as I was about to start secondary school. I have very fond memories of the Coffee Shop growing up as it widened my friendship group and was a safe place for teenagers to go to rather than hanging around on streets or at the recreation ground.

As a trustee I hope to give back to a place that gave me so much growing up as well as providing a fun and friendly place for youths to use in Towcester and the surrounding villages who have nowhere else to go.

I currently work full time for a charitable mental health provider working with vulnerable adults and children and my experience in my profession will easily be transferable to this charity.