About Us

A relaxed, safe, secure, and supervised venue.


The Towcester Youth Coffee House Project was founded in 1995 and has been running ‘The Coffee Shop’ as a drop in centre for children of secondary school age. It is located in a building close to the biggest concentration of social housing in Towcester and a primary school where 20% of pupils qualify for free school meals. Initially run by the local churches in Towcester, the makeup and composition of the Trustees has changed over time and the Constitution of the charity has been changed to reflect this. Historically open only two nights a week, The Coffee Shop has always relied on raising its money from the local community and on the participation of volunteers to keep running costs to a minimum and keep its doors open. The Coffee Shop is currently raising funds for renovation and redevelopment of the facility and the Trustees look forward to increasing the opening times and ensuring it will remain as a volunteer based organisation whose operational costs are funded entirely from local contribution.

Why we exist:

· To provide a safe environment for children and young people in which they can develop their physical, mental and social skills.

· To reduce the instance of anti-social behaviour and underage drinking caused by lack of recreational facilities and organised youth focused activities.

· To engender a sense of pride in, and care for, their local community